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Taking a taxicab from and to Orlando International Airport is often the first and last experience tourists have in Orlando. There are no shortage of taxis in Orlando. Catching a taxi from Orlando International Airport or from your resort hotel is fairly easy.

Most Orlando taxis have calibrated meters but are not required to use them, except all taxicabs picking up at Orlando International Airport . Airport taxis are regulated by the City of Orlando's Vehicle-for-Hire ordinance which requires fares to be determined by a taximeter. Flat rate fees are not authorized from the airport. Here are a few things you need to be aware of when riding an Orlando taxi cab.

Orlando taxi cabs may carry up to 9 passengers, and charge the same rate regardless of the number of passengers.

There are 8 Taxi Companies and 548 taxicabs in the City of Orlando.

Taxi fares within Orlando are not regulated, so expect to see different fares from different companies.

To avoid suprises, it is suggested that you clearly understand the approximate fare in advance before taking the trip or insist that the driver use a calibrated meter.

Always ask for a receipt for all trips. This will help you track down the taxicab if you ever have any questions, concerns or lose any personal belongings. Call 407-541-4313 to register comments.

Orlando Taxi Cab Companies

Ace Metro/Luxury Cab (407) 855-1111
Diamond Cab Company (407) 523-3333
Quick Cab (407) 447-1444
Star Taxi (407) 857-9999
Town & Country Transport (407) 828-3035
Yellow / City Cab (407) 422-2222
Airport Shuttle USA, Inc. (407) 219-9196
Central Florida Transportation Group, Inc. (407) 545-5739
Advantage Yellow Cab (407) 812-7000

Taxi pick-up area at Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Taxis are available on both the A and B sides of the Main Terminal, on the Ground Transportation Level (Level) 1, at Commercial Lane parking spaces:

A5, A6, A7, A8, A22, A23, A24, A25 & B5, B6, B7, B8, B20, B21, B22, B23, B24, B25

Taxis may carry up to 9 passengers, and charge the same rate.

Limousines normally have fixed rates so agree on the fare before you set off.

Approximate Taxi Fares from Orlando International Airport

Zone To Approx. Fare
Zone 1 Epcot / Disney $66
Zone 2 Hotel Plaza Boulevard $51
Zone 3 World Gateway Area $44 - $66
Zone 4

SeaWorld Orlando
South International Drive

Zone 5

Orange County Convention Center
International Drive
Sand Lake Road
Restaurant Row

$36 - $43
Zone 6

North International Drive

Orlando Premium Outlets Intl. Drive

Zone 7 Universal Orlando Resort $45
Zone 8 Downtown Orlando $39

Orlando Taxi Map

**Map courtesy of Visit Orlando

*** The fares listed above are APPROXIMATIONS only, and demonstrate an estimated minimum fare from Orlando International Airport to the above listed locations. Time of day, route taken, day of week, and traffic can dramatically influence the fare shown on the taximeter. The information contained herein was produced from sources believed to be reliable. No warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of the information. provides this information on an "as is – where is" basis. This information is subject to change without notice.

Orlando Taxicab Child Car Seat Law

Florida Statutes, Section 316.613 requires every operator of a motor vehicle transporting a child five (5) years of age or younger, to provide for the protection of the child by using a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device.

Any taxicab or vehicle for hire driver in Florida can be cited for violation of FSS 316.613, if he or she is operating a ten passenger or less vehicle and transporting a child under five without providing an appropriate child restraint device.

Our Recommendation

We recommend bringing your own child car seat for the following reasons

1) There is no guarantee the next taxi in line will have a child car restraint. This might involve calling ahead to make special arrangements with the taxi company.
2) It's good to know the history of the car restraint your child will riding in.
3) Personal hygiene should be tops on your list. A dirty car seat provided by your taxi driver is not a place for your toddler.

Money saving tip
By law, each Orlando taxi cab can carry up to 9 passengers, including infants and children for the same rate.
Limousines normally have fixed rates so agree on the fare before you set off.